Wednesday, 28 October 2015

After Agincourt

Hundred Years War scenario using Lion Rampant. It is 26th October, 1415. Yesterday the English army defeated the French on the field of Azincourt. A small English force has split off from the main army to forage for food in a small manor house and the surrounding area. A retreating French detachment has smelt the chance for revenge against the Bowmen who cut down their assault yesterday. The English force sets up first within the confines of the Manor, and may place 24 stakes anywhere on the table. These block movement for cavalry and count as obstacles - and can be defended as such. The French then set up within 12" of their table edge. Up to two units may be deployed up to 12" from the opposite table edge. ENGLISH FORCE 2x Foot Men-At-Arms* @ 12pts 2x Expert Archers @ 12pts 24pts FRENCH FORCE 1x Mounted Men-At-Arms* @ 6pts 1x Mounted Serjeants @ 4pts 2x Foot Serjeants @ 8pts 1x Fierce Foot @ 4pts 1x Crossbowmen @ 4pts 26pts After Agincourt I took the French in the first game. The initial set up, with Crossbowmen, Serjeants and Mounted Men-At-Arms this side, and Mounted Serjeants and Fierce Foot on the other side of the Manor. After Agincourt The English defenses, with one unit of bowmen garrisoning the building. After Agincourt The French move cautiously forward, while the second unit of English Foot Men-At-Arms moves to the other side to face off the flanking force. After Agincourt The Mounted Serjeants and Fierce Foot move up... After Agincourt both the Crossbowmen and Serjeants take hits from the English Bowmen. After Agincourt An ill-advised charge leads to the Mounted Serjeants being beaten back by the English Men-At-Arms. After Agincourt Switching targets, the Bowmen in the Manor house fire on the Fierce Foot, breaking them before they get to enter the fight. After Agincourt The French start moving around towards the Chapel to avoid being shot at. After Agincourt The French commander and his Men-At-Arms moves up. After Agincourt The English commander realigns his defense to the threat of the French forces moving round. After Agincourt As the French reach the barricades their crossbows begin to bite... After Agincourt ...but the Serjeants are forced back by bow fire. After Agincourt Effective crossbow fire (finally) whittles down the Bow unit and what's left of them break. After Agincourt The French Serjeants clash with the English Men-At-Arms but are annihilated and flee. After Agincourt The remaining Serjeants form a Shiltron, but with only them and the crossbowmen - and the leader's unit shaken by bow fire on the other side of town, I concede. Round one to the English. We then swapped sides to play again. After Agincourt I set up the English tight on one side of the road, again with a unit of bowmen in the Manor. After Agincourt The French set all of their infantry up on one side, and the cavalry on the other. After Agincourt The English Men-At-Arms man the barricades... After Agincourt the cavalry pound towards them. After Agincourt One unit of French Serjeants evaporates in bow fire, and again their Fierce Foot are driven off before reaching combat. After Agincourt The French Mounted Serjeants move out the way to let the Mounted Men-At-Arms charge the English, but they are pushed back. After Agincourt Seeing that the Foot Men-At-Arms are better in attack than defense I charge them over the barricade and attack the French. After Agincourt The first round of combat was a win for the English, but the second time they are not so lucky and only the commander remains. With nowhere to go, he surrenders - and again I concede.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

"This day is call'd the feast of Crispian..."

A full box of Perry Miniatures Plastic Hundred Years War English, which makes up a full 24 point army for Lion Rampant, made up of two units of Foot Men At Arms and two units of Expert Archers.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Aztec Jaguar Warriors

  Nutters in onesies, click for bigger pic.

Sacrificing for Quetzalcoatl, as you do.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Medieval Spearmen

This is a 12 man unit for Lion Rampant. They are mainly made up of parts from the Fireforge Sargents plastic set, with other parts from other sets from Gripping Beast and Conquest Games. Shield transfers are from Battle Flag.


I wanted them to have a uniform look, as well as looking like they were stuck on some cold wet battlefield somewhere after several weeks campaigning, so I got out the green stuff and added bits.


Of course, the 'cold' look also gives me the option to use them for Osprey's new Frostgrave rules, if I choose to go down that black hole...

Thursday, 16 April 2015

European Medieval Mercenaries

 Italian Sword and Buckler Men
German Handgunners
Click pics for bigger

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Shot down in a blaze of glory...

Some cowboys, resin figures from Black Scorpion.