Monday, 6 August 2012

Base Test

Not much done this evening, usually I'd be at wargames club but it's not on tonight, so I thought I would have a night off painting. I did have the sudden urge about 9pm to do a test of the snow base using Noch snow (which comes in a large cocaine type package).
I used a 3cm x 3cm piece of Plasticard, covered it with putty and the gravel like the base on the Crusader figure. I then used wet paint to adhere patches of static grass to the base (will try and find a duller colour for the actual base. I then put more wet paint down in other patches, some overlapping the grass. The snow was then sprinkled over the top.
It still looked like the snow would just fall off, so I sprayed the whole thing with Testors Dullcote (the best matt varnish on the market and VERY hard to get hold of in this country).

That is the result. Very pleased with it actually. Will take a picture of it in the sunlight tomorrow.

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