Thursday, 2 August 2012

First things first...

I have long struggled, like most modellers I think, to finish projects. Many of us have forgotten items buried deep somewhere that are destined to never be completed. I thought I would change this, and get painting on two busts and a figure that I have had hanging around for months, and hopefully updating the blog will be an impetus for painting them.
They are - A 1:12 scale Celtic Chieftain bust by Elan13 Miniatures, a 54mm 'Crusader' figure from Nocturna, and a 1:15 scale Spanish Civil War Republican Soldier bust by El Viejo Dragon.

The Celt I picked up from Salute in April, the Crusader was a birthday present last October, and the SCW bust I bought mail order from El Greco Miniatures last September, so they have been hanging around for some time! I did make a first attempt on the SCW bust in late 2011, but overworked the skin on the face to the extent that it looked like he had some odd skin disease so it got the Modelstrip treatment.

So that's the plan, now I've just got to stick to it!

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